Laparoscopic Hemicolectomy


Why is laparoscopic hemicolectomy done?

Laparoscopic hemicolectomy is a minimally invasive surgery done for the removal of cancer in the colon. The procedure may involve either the left or the right part of the bowel depending upon the location of cancer.

The advantages of laparoscopy over traditional abdominal surgery include a shorter post-operative hospital stay, a shorter recovery interval and less pain.

How is the procedure done?

  • Three or four small incisions are made in the abdomen to insert the camera attached laparoscope and other laparoscopic tools.
  • Carbon dioxide gas is inflated into the abdominal cavity to provide room to work.
  • The diseased part of the colon is identified and carefully dissected and removed through a larger incision made towards the end of the surgery.
  • All the instruments are then removed and the incisions are sutured with stitches or surgical tape.

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